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How to Keep your Lashes looking FAB for LONGER (7 aftercare tips for Lash Extensions)

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

1. Wash lashes DAILY!

I know, I know, it sounds scary! We lash lovers have heard the MYTH that washing your lashes everyday will make your lash extensions pop off! We are laying those myths to rest! This is the easiest step and MOST important! You must wash your lashes to ensure your lashes stay clear from debris or products containing oil, that can cause build up on the eyes. Washing your lashes daily also helps you to steer clear from eye infections like pink eye, conjunctivitis, styes and or worse lash mites EW! If hearing that isn't enough to do that, I bet reading this will do the trick :)

Disclaimer: this information is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Please consult with a doctor if you have any medical concerns.


Introducing water molecules to your lashes could weaken the adhesive in the first 24 hours of lash application. This could cause your fresh set to weaken right away! I know it seems like a while, but 24 hours is a good timeframe to avoid hot water (ex: hot shower, cooking over the stove, working out.) We also already Lash bath your lashes so you will be set the next day to go about your routine!

3. Avoid Oil Around Lashes

To keep this simple, avoid ALL oil based products! I know it's hard because this needs to include oil based moisturizers, facial cleansers and foundation, mascara WHY? Well..because these products get so deep into your skin that they can reach your lash follicles and causing the adhesive to break down (Crazy right?!) When it comes to your lashes, rather be safe than sorry right?

4. Avoid Touching or Rubbing Your Lashes

I know, this can be hard to prevent. Many people do this subconsciously! This can be unavoidable, BUT we can reduce the chance by making ourselves aware. Touching or rubbing your lashes can and will cause your lashes to prematurely fall out. Our hands have natural oils which break down the adhesive.

5. Avoid Sleeping on Lashes

This one can be especially tricky! I can admit, I am also a "face-sleeper." Have you ever noticed you have even more lashes gone on the corner of ONE eye? This could be why! If you can, sleep on your back, if you feel that it's hard, invest in a silk pillowcase. You can find these on Amazon! Not only will they lessen the lashes lost (if you are a face-sleeper le side sleeper) but your hair will thank you too!

6. Avoid Extreme Heat

You may laugh but I am telling you, I have seen this time and time again with some of my clients! Seared lashes are, in fact, a thing. This can happen by getting too close to getting the chicken out of the oven or even by lighting a candle! It can happen easier than you think because with just natural lashes, you don't have to worry about them shrivelling up! Our climate can also play a role in our lashes. Try to avoid heat as much as possible!

Actual image of a client's lashes after having them burnt.

7. Avoid Chemical Peels in Facials

Unless you have the time to dissect every ingredient used in these services, they're are no promises the solution could affect the adhesive. (All about that adhesive!) Your best bet is to not get a chemical peel (or at least avoid the eye area) so nothing seeps into the lash line. Talk to your esthetician on what products that are oil free to use. If your face specialist can avoid the eye area then your golden!

Client with build up mascara and leftover glue from a previous tech with lash gaps.

Okay now that we've covered that, let's set up your next fill! ✨

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